Setare Arashloo is a painter by training, but uses an array of media including animation, video and

installation to investigate, explore and expand on issues that are very personal, yet engage larger social

issues. She has been working with Workers Art Coalition as a documentarian and exhibited the film at

Queens Museum, and later at Queens Council on the Arts on May 2015. Another product of her

collaboration was a documentary film about “Precarious Workers Pageant”, which was performed in Sale

Doc and streets of Venice during the Venice Biennale 2015, as part of Gulf Labor Coalition efforts to raise

awareness about Gulf Labor situation in Abu Dhabi.


Setare was born and raised in Tehran, graduated with a BA in Painting from the University of Tehran, and

received a post baccalaureate certificate in Fine Art at Maryland Institute College of Art. She pursued her

MFA at Queens College, CUNY, New York. She is a freelance artist and works as museum and research

assistant at Godwin-Ternbach museum. Her works have been exhibited in Iran, US, Afghanistan and